Blissfullheart with Desiree Lee

I’m so glad you’re interested in learning more about yoga with me or about having a BlissFULLHeart. My main goal as a yoga instructor is to guide you into a deeper connection with the self and assist you in the discovery that your heart it truly filled with BLISS. I teach a variety of yoga styles as well as meditation. I specialize in instruction in addiction recovery. Read more and see how yoga could help you to expand and grow during these very challenging, yet exciting times of change in the human race!

Welcome to my Blissfullheart!
There are so many joys in this life for me and guiding people through the mind, body & spirit is one of them. Yoga changed my life by alleviating my depression and teaching me tools for anxiety.

In 2010, I received my Vinyasa Yoga instructor certification from Corepower Yoga and immediately began teaching. In Winter of 2011, I felt the need to fully commit to my calling of teaching by joining a powerful Yogi Pilgrimage to India for 2 weeks which taught me so much about the power of the mind and how intention is everything. Throughout my journey of teaching, I slowly began to learn that I specialize in guiding a strength building, spiritual practice. I love to play with the balance of fun and patience in our practice. I take pleasure in planting seeds of thought that encourages students to look within and find the mirror of life in our yoga flow.

I also teach to students in Addiction Recovery. With this specialized service, I cater to the specific needs of the students in the room. This can consist of? spiritual lecture, meditation practice and a variety of yoga exercises. The students learn about the power of thought and the mind. I remind them that he or she has the power to take back their life and manifest a world of possibilities. Every single being on this planet has the ability to make great change in his or her life. I offer a key to a door that leads to unlimited potential and joy.

My hope for all of my students is for them to find their own sense of confidence, awareness and self love.

My journey is always shifting and growing. As of May 2016, I will be officially certified in Kundalini Yoga from Seventh Chakra Yoga. In my future, I see books, online coursework and, with many blessings, a large group of people that have been changed for the better, only in part, due to me and, of course, my divine guidance. This is my mission.

Yoga Teaching Styles

I offer a wide array of yoga styles from strength challenging to total relaxation. These styles include Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hot Power Fusion, Yoga Sculpt, Hot 26, Yoga Tune Up, Hatha Yoga and many blends. Don’t forget I also teach meditation & law of attraction techniques as well!

Yoga Saves

This is my mantra! Yoga not only changed my life but it saved my life. If you are overwhelmed, depressed, struggling with addictive behavior, or have no zest for life. Yoga is the answer.

Teaching Schedule

if you are interested in privates for personal or group setting, please contact me. Contact Me

Day                     Time                    Class                 Studio


10 AM

12 PM

All levels Vinyasa Flow

Level 2/3 Power Flow

iHeart Yoga in the Park, Dana Point

Beyond Hot Yoga, Laguna Niguel


12:00 PM


Hot 26


Beyond Hot Yoga, Laguna Niguel


9:00 AM

Level 2/3 Power Flow


Beyond Hot Yoga, Laguna Niguel


9:00 AM

Yoga Sculpt


Beyond Hot Yoga, Laguna Niguel


10:30 am


Yoga Sculpt Intervals


Beyond Hot Yoga, Laguna Niguel



7:30 am


Yoga Sculpt Intervals

Beyond Hot Yoga, Laguna Niguel

Energy Healing

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