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Yoga with Desiree



Desiree has experience in teaching a variety of yoga styles including Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Scupt, Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Tune Up.

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Energy Readings with Desiree

Energy readings are done with both Oracle and Tarot cards to offer insight in all of life’s confusing or challenging situations. Desiree specializes in deep Soul work and Divine Partnerships.


Desiree Nicole Lee is your Teacher & Intuitive Healer for anyone that is ready to heal their heart and change their life.

Through her bold teaching style, magical intuitive gifts and passionate belief in the power of mind/body/spirit union, she’s here to shake up your approach to total life change — while making it all feel like a adventure of epic proportions.

And when she’s not guiding others into discovering that miracles happen everyday, you can find her indulging in a challenging Yoga class, taking her 2 dogs for a walk or car ride or indulging in a classic Romantic Comedy movie.

Meet Desiree Nicole Lee + get ready to release the past and step confidently into your present at desireenicolelee.com.

I just wanted to say how incredible Desiree is. Her natural gift as a healer, Intuitive and Reiki Master has been incredibly helpful to me as well as my daughter. Desiree brings peace and enlightenment through her work on many different levels. I would encourage anyone who feels stuck, lost, maybe experiencing life changing situations to speak with Desiree. Her gifts are meant to be shared?Give yourself the gift!

Jodie Dixon Conneely

Real Estate Consultant

Ignite Change & Awaken Bliss

Kick Start Your Life

The Total Energy Lift with Desiree can be a real game changer. She combines a Psychic Reading, Chakra Alignment & Energy Clearing to completely cleanse and lift your spirit.

Psychic Reading

Stop wondering and get some answers! A Psychic Reading with Desiree is very accurate and insightful. Questions about your career, love life and if you’re making the right decision can be answered or guided.

Manifesting Miracles Adventure

Transform your life by learning tools & exercises to bring about magic in your life ~ Investigate the self imposed beliefs that are causing limitations and holding you back!

Group Gatherings

Do you want to make your party or event extra insightful? Have Desiree gift Oracle readings or Chakra Aligning.

Know the Energy for the Week

Join Desiree Lee as she share tips and tricks on how to expand and grow during these very challenging, yet exciting times of change in the human race! Learn meditations, yoga practice, and weekly oracle readings.
and MORE!

Desiree Lee is incredibly gifted. Her reiki healing is powerful, compassionate, and life changing. I am grateful to have met her. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to heal & grow.

Laura Love

Creative Director, pure.love.yoga.

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